We Always Want What We Ain’t Got

You know what?

I want to end hunger. I want world peace. I want to go space traveling. I want to get drunk and get lost in the city that no one knows my name. I want to go for a walk to the park and sleep and just looking at the sky while listening to the humming voice from the stranger next to me.

I wish the world didn’t move so fast. I wish we had the patience to listen to one another for once, to actually listen instead of gazing blankly at walls and nodding and not caring very much at all.

We are so busy trying to live lives consumed by other people’s ideals and expectations that we forget what makes us happy.

I do not want to wake up in twenty years time and think, “I wish I had not wasted my youth on trying to live, instead of living”.

Because I want to watch the moon cross the midnight sky and stay out late at night in silence, not saying anything and not to consider this a waste of time.

I want to slow down for once.

You know what?

I still want to end hunger, and yes, there are so many other things I want in this life I don’t really care if it’s something I don’t really need.

One that I’m sure I want and need at the moment is you. Yes, I want you. I want you without a doubt in the world. I want your kisses and your friendship and everything in between; the fights, the laughter, the stupid moments that always seems to make the best memories.

I want the feeling of my heart skipping a beat each time my mind wanders over thoughts of you and the memory of how I felt your heart beating through your shirt.

I want to eat ice cream with you in fields and get screamed at by farmers for sitting on their property. I want your 2 AM laugh, I want to see the wrinkles in your eyes every time you do that. I want love and affection but I need more than that. I need you to be patient with me while I find out what it is that I want.

I want you, for I know I ain’t never got you.


Author: bungaistyani

The Strategist, expect overthinking.

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