How Summer Sonic Music Festival Changed My Life

Summer Sonic was the best decision I’ve made in 2016 that I’d take over and over and over again in a heartbeat.

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Music festivals has been known as a great place to be completely yourself and not have to worry about judgement. I was there to prove it right.

After 27 years of living, I finally decided to go to Summer Sonic music festival in Osaka for the first time, and it was the BEST decision I made in 2016. I met people I never normally would, listened to the sweet melodies of music I had never heard before and made golden memories I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.


When I connected with the people and the music around me, my life at that moment became a movie. It was truly the most euphoric experience that I can possibly encounter in this lifetime.

I was following these tunes and anticipating what’s going to come next and whether it’s going to confirm or surprise me, all of these little cognitive nuances are what’s giving me this amazing pleasure, the reward happens almost entirely because of dopamine.

During the experience, we were likely to wrap up listening to one of our favorite musicians or bands perform their set and be left out in the open, with a huge crowd and zero plans for the next few hours.

That is when the music suddenly hit me: A distant drum beat may picked us up and carry us to its stage, or a soft electric guitar from hundreds of feet away will grab the attention of us.

The rush of a crowd picking up in the midst of a band just starting their performance was total ecstasy. People are capable of becoming incredibly in sync with each other, as well as the music pumping through their environments.

Summer Sonic 2016 changes my life. Maybe not entirely, but surely sparks some lights inside of me, the burning pit of passion I’d normally leave out. If I could turn back the time, I’d 100% go to Summer Sonic again and over again.

(Photo: official Summer Sonic 2016 Osaka photo gallery)




Author: bungaistyani

The Strategist, expect overthinking.

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