Kindness: The Road We’re So Ready To Take On

We often discount ‘kindness’ as something weak, silly, naive, or unimportant.

Something for children and airheaded adults. Sweet marshmallow fluff for holiday cards. Certainly not a mark of intelligence.

I don’t agree. Well, we don’t.



Working at RACK Digital, a positive impact marketing agency, has taught me how to proudly wear Kindness on my sleeve. How to fight for something we believe in, and how to be tough even though it is going to be very hard. RACK is an ark for people who work with a cause, aligning passion of digital marketing and technology with something that we bound to support — kindness.

That being said, I have come to believe that being kind — especially in the midst of challenging, distressing circumstances — is the highest form of intelligence.

It requires patience, determination, courage, and generosity — combined with the ability to communicate gracefully.

It requires action, and of course, practice, even more practice. Hence at RACK, we try to always put ‘positive impact’ in whatever we do. Because if there’s a chance for us to make a small dent in the world that we’re living in, if there’s a chance to make a slight different by doing good, if there’s a chance to bring a positive impact to the society no matter how small it is, we will 100% go for it. That’s what I learned by working at RACK for almost two years.

It was never easy, of course. And being easy isn’t really what we aim for anyway.

Like once when it was during Ramadhan 2016, where gift-giving between business partners and executives became compulsory instead of sharing something valuable in the name of happiness, joy, and kindness. We, RACK, bravely decided to get them back on track, despite whatever reaction that may or may not come to us. We decided to go with something meaningful, needed, and valuable.

We created a web-based commerce platform, Kindness Store, where people can ‘shop for kindness’ with kindness credit as ‘transactional money’ inside the store. We started this initially for our clients and business partners, we gave them the right to choose whether to claim their gift (without any guilt of course, we keep the tone & manner lightly), or exchange it with ‘kindness credits’ instead.

The result was unexpected, nearly 100% of our clients and partners chose to exchange their right of receiving the gifts into kindness credits, and gave positive feedbacks on Kindness Store. We were extremely lucky to be partnered with those kind of clients/partners that actually wanted to contribute to change the world a little better.

Even better and way more unexpected, Kindness Store were nominated in the Pinasthika Creativestival 2016, a nation-wide awarding event for those working in the creative communication, advertising, and related fields. In the name of Kindness, we brought back two trophies home, Silver for Social Movement Campaign category (there’s no gold winner within this category), and Bronze (sole winner) for Microsite/Short-term Campaign category.

Kindness is one of those things that really stands out when you experience it and when you’re part of giving someone else that experience, you feel a sense of accomplishment. With Kindness Store, I experienced it, very closely to the heart. The eyebags in the faces of RACK Comrades, dozens of coffees that brewed while we’re working, it certainly feels like our heartwork pays them off. It feels rewarding to say that Kindness is winning, the truest value and cause that we support since the day RACK was launched.

We won’t stop here, I promise you. This will be the beginning of our journey in fighting for our cause, for Kindness. We will never stop being kind. And while we’re here, we would like to remind you to be kind whenever possible. Here’s a secret: it is always possible.

Small actions, performed with kindness, add up to create a better, safer, more humane world. Kindness is not frivolous. It makes a difference. We sincerely want your life to be full of joy, love and kindness. Not an easy task, but one we’re ready to take on.

Join us?


Author: bungaistyani

The Strategist, expect overthinking.

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