8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

During the last day of my Japan trip, I stumbled upon this place. Which no doubt was one of the places that got me swooning from the moment I entered until I left. One of few places in the world that integrate so beautifully and harmoniously with nature, feeds a longing soul of this floral worshiper (pointing at my self).

Media heavy, this post contains many photos. You’ve been warned.

In the country where meticulously manicured zen gardens adorn the landscape, it comes to no surprise that Japanese would excel at creating beautiful places and spaces which astound with their impeccable sophistication.

As a person who have worked as floral designer or florist myself, I am particularly amazed by the ability of Japanese designers to harmoniously marry concepts which result in an incredibly pleasant ambiance, ideal for a relaxing pastime. Aoyama Flower Market Tea House, where a flower shop has been effortlessly paired with a tea house creating a cafe so wondrous you would never want to leave. Japan oh Japan, how can I not love you.


The ambiance and atmosphere is both calm and friendly and you can browse the flowers at your complete leisure. Flowers are organised in colour combinations based on seasons and types of arrangements, ranging from ranunculus, sweet peas to tulips and orchids. Even little cacti sit together on shelves next to terracotta pots and jars. Pre-made bouquets are available to take home, or if you require a particular arrangement you are free to pick and choose.












Aoyama Flower Market is really an amazing place, I could see for myself, when I finally stepped inside. It’s like a big greenhouse full of beautiful flower decorations and lush green stuff, with florists and floral designer here and there working behind their table. It is a little further to the back of the Flower Market that you become aware of the Tea House, the hanging baskets and more people.

Even though it looks like a hidden secret tucked away behind a flower shop, the tea house needs no introduction. It has become a pilgrimage for locals and tourists alike seeking to spend a relaxing afternoon over a heavenly cup of tea and delectable dessert. I can see why Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is outrageously popular among both tourists and locals in Tokyo. This is surely a place not to be missed.

Walk through the aisles of lush flowers towards the back of the florist shop where you’ll find yourself in a real flowery oasis.


I put my name on the waiting list and one of the staff members informed me that the expected waiting time would be around 10 minutes. It was ok, because the weather was nice. Wait times to this beautiful Tea House vary depending on the time of day, however it’s a complete pleasure to sit among the flowers and wait for tea time.

As soon as you step inside the café, you will be taken by the tranquility and sheer exquisiteness of this beautifully arranged verdant space reminiscent of an indoor garden or a greenhouse.

The interior is lavishly decorated with fresh and colorful seasonal blooms and plants which are either artfully scattered around the room in the forms of hanging flower baskets and mini flower arrangements, or effortlessly hug the liana vines and drape down the pillars to create a cascading natural curtains.

Floral features of the week adorn the tables within the Teahouse. During this particular time, the flower of the week was the enchanting white dahlia, of which sat along tables in rows of sweet orange and along the window seats in pure white.







Greeted by one smiling waitress, she showed me to the window seats on the side of the teahouse and I was provided with an English menu that offered a range of blends with herbs, seasonal ingredients and floral notes. The comprehensive menu offers more than just tea, with desserts, meals and open sandwiches for your choosing.

The menu is to the sweet side with a nice selection of desserts and different kinds of tea. Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is particularly known for fresh herbal teas, so of course I had to try one of those. My attention was immediately drawn by the unique blends and I decided to opt for a delicate infusion of tea, rose, jasmine and violet. For my dessert I picked their famous Rose Parfait, and I highly encourage you to do the same on your visit.

Soon enough the uniquely shaped pot came out, accompanied with a clear glass cup and a small hour glass. I was given instructions not to drink the tea until the sands had run through the hourglass completely, to allow for it to steep.






While waiting for the tea to be ready, my sight wandered to every little corner of the tea house while desperately wishing for the plane back home to be rescheduled. I really didn’t want to leave this place. An absolutely enchanting and cozy ambiance is enhanced even more by the soft lighting in the room thus creating a delightful scene, while exposed brick walls and wooden counters add a rustic feel. My senses were further stimulated by the sounds of the trickling water in the background and the marvelous fragrance coming from the mix of gorgeous flower arrangements surrounding me.

It was such a conscious way in which to make me pause. Particularly when travelling you find very little time to slow down to fully soak in all of the experiences around you. The sands trickled through and I found myself stopping, taking time to reflect on my trip and observe the people around me. A little while after, the tea was ready to be poured. As expected my tea was magnificent. Each sip was incredibly flavorful and decadent, and seemed to sooth and relax every fiber in my body.

Almost perfectly timed, the staff handed me a glass of Rose Parfait that I had ordered. This spectacular sweet treat was a gorgeous mélange of rose jelly, vanilla ice-cream, strawberry shortcake, foam, custard, wheat flakes, nuts and berries. It was not only beautifully put together, but was a delightful ensemble of textures and refreshing delectable flavors.





Overall, Aoyama Flower Market Tea House was beyond marvelous. The ambiance, tea and dessert are so perfect together that you’ll almost certainly find yourself planning your next visit. This spot is a truly charming place with a unique, naturally blooming interior ideal for a solo retreat, a romantic date or a lovely girly chat with your bestie. Either way you are guaranteed to unwind, rejuvenate the mind and soul, and wile away your afternoon over a delightful tea and desserts. Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse is certainly a beautiful gem to be visited in Tokyo. Although the weather was nothing short of cold, Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse was and is a place where you will always be warmly welcomed. Idillic for a visit by yourself, or with a loved one or your best friends, it’s a charming place to rejuvenate the heart and mind.

The whole place was just heavenly to say the least. It was quite an experience, and I highly recommend you to visit at least once, (if you still need reason to visit) here’s why:

  1. Imagine having beautifully plated, healthy brunches in a place surrounded by flowers everywhere. I’ll let these photos leave little to your imagination.
  2. They kindly offered a comprehensive English menu. So it is safe to say they are ready for you who doesn’t speak Japanese. Like most of Japanese cafe that I have visited, they also accept payment by Credit Cards.
  3. You don’t really need to reserve a seat beforehand, you can just come in at their opening hours. But I suggest you to visit during weekdays to avoid long waiting lines.
  4. Besides a dreamy atmosphere of a floral wonderland, the tea house offers a wonderful selection of herbal teas and desserts alongside a menu of food including open sandwiches, salads, and French toasts.
  5. Every guest was given a tray of utensils, towels wrapped in plastics, paper napkin and a cute little flower jar. Are such pretty touches even necessary for just a tray of fork and knife?! Japanese you guys are spoiling the market! But I ain’t complaining, it’s just that I’ll never feel special elsewhere anymore.
  6. The floral arrangements are constantly changed (referring to the weekly flowers as their main interior theme), and I was told that they even give out individual blooms for free (instead of just throwing them away) every Wednesday when it is time to update the vases.
  7. It is conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo, within 2 minute walk from Omotesando metro station, and 10 minutes from Harajuku JR station.
  8. Honestly though, do you still need another reason?


How to get to Aoyama Flower Market Tea House:

The closest train station to Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is Omotesando Station. Take the A4 exit out of Omotesando Station and it’s pretty much directly across the road – just look for this place:



Make your way through the florist store (Aoyama Flower Market), and the cafe is through the door at the back. It’s that easy!



5-1-2, MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan (Nearest station: Omotesando)

They also have branches in Kichijyoji and Akasaka.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 11am – 8pm (Last order at 7.30pm)
Sun & Public Holidays: 11am – 7pm (Last order at 6.30pm)


+81 3 3400 0887









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