Hi, hello. My name is Bunga Istyani. An avid coffee drinker and would rather put ices in my black coffees instead of sugar. The bitter the better.

Born and live originally in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 1989. Curious human being yet happier with wondering. Observe things, and stuffs. Hug trees and like to talk to strangers. Fall for the waves, long sighs, windy afternoon, and flowers.

Grew up alongside with Tolkien’s, Paul McCartney, Chandler Bing, Freddie Mercury, Bowie, and Star Wars. Most times relating the similarities between a situation and The Beatles’ songs.

Spend most of leisure times watching the sky while listening to Epik High. More of a winter person that dances barefootedly on summer days. Believe that there is some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.

Cherish moments. Love laughters. Enjoy good companion, good comics, good website articles, good beers, and won’t refuse curly french fries.

Began my career as a journalist, moved into publishing, and then into the emerging area of digital. Over the years, I’ve worked as a full-time Digital Strategist, Copywriter, Content Specialist, and Head of Digital at various advertising agencies. This taught me the hard way how to write epic content, stick to deadlines, keep clients happy, produce excellent ideas under pressure, and the correct use of oxford comma.

I’ve also worked as a radio/video scriptwriting, floral designer, translator, and a consultant. Surprisingly, all of this comes in handy when I’m writing your copy. Although I get a lot of work via online site and Linkedin, more often than not my clients come via recommendations.

If you want someone who’s always available and infinitely scalable, please, for the love all that is holy, look elsewhere. Hire me only if you want a collaborator to make your content impossible to ignore, and we’ll grow, and scale together as a partner. You’ll enjoy working with me, promise.

With that being said, in a nutshell: this site is all about my living thoughts, daily rambles, and some weird things I happened to pay attention to. Come on in, take a sip and stay a while.