Alfred Tea Room – Aoyama, Tokyo

Tucked away on a small street off of Aoyama in between Omotesando Station and Shibuya lies a petite-sized tea room that’s undeniably fashionable. Omotesando, a times square for chic fashion and branded stores, is one of the home of Alfred Tea Room. Recently they opened in two area: Aoyama & Shinjuku, and I happened to be at their Aoyama site after a long day of cafe-hopping day trip.

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Osaka From Above: Such Great Heights

The next step in my Kansai trip was a big wheel close to Osakako subway station. Opened in 1997, it’s 112.5 meters (369 ft) high and has a diameter of 100 meters (330 ft). It was the World’s tallest ferris wheel until 1999. The ride gives a great view for Osaka, including the bay, Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, Kansai International Airport, and, if the weather is nice, also Mt. Ikoma! It goes by the name Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, right next to the bay area where Kaiyukan Marine Conservation lies.

Media heavy, you’ve been warned. Click and scroll for more. 

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Captured throwback photos and a lullaby that accompanied me during the times I spent alone at Kema-Sakuranomiya Park, Osaka.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

During the last day of my Japan trip, I stumbled upon this place. Which no doubt was one of the places that got me swooning from the moment I entered until I left. One of few places in the world that integrate so beautifully and harmoniously with nature, feeds a longing soul of this floral worshiper (pointing at my self).

Media heavy, this post contains many photos. You’ve been warned.

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Harajuku Airbnb: One of the BEST Airbnb Experience in Tokyo

It wasn’t my first Airbnb experience in Japan (I stayed in Airbnb in Osaka, and in Shinjuku before this trip), but clearly this was definitely one of the best.

In choosing where to stay, I must have had about 25 listings in my wishlist for Tokyo by then and I honestly couldn’t decide. I even made an Excel sheet comparing the pros and cons of each place haha! In the end, I had to factor in location and if it was near the train station (VERY IMPORTANT!), the price (some places had a low initial price but then there is an extra charge after the cleaning fee which jacks up the final cost), and of course the overall look of the apartment (I wanted to stay somewhere nice and modern of course, hello Japanese toilet bidet technology!). Close proximity to the station is a must for me. Since I use a lot of train as my main transportation channel every time I stay in Tokyo, I always want to stay somewhere near station where I don’t have to walk for more than 10 minutes to get there (lazy ass right here, yes). Another important thing to check is the reviews of other people who have already stayed there so you know more or less what to expect.

So I began my search and stumbled upon this Airbnb located near Takeshita Dori, the main attraction street of Harajuku. It was slightly above my solo travelling budget but I decided to give it a shot since the host stated that it is only 2 minutes away from Harajuku JR Station. Boi did I make the right choice.

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11 Things To Bring & To Expect On Your First Summer Sonic Music Festival

The longing to experience Glastonbury, bucket lists, and how music festival tempted us dearly got it all started. My friend and I realized we both had a dormant dream – to dance and jump around with our shirts sticking to our skin in a music festival. And boy did it happen.

Back then, I wanted the full music festival experience, no doubt. Yet I also wanted to survive it with my bodies (and wallets) intact. Fuji Rock’s lineup seemed awesome, but it was also going to be held in Niigata, a bullet train and thousands of rupiahs away from the nearest airport, at a ski resort, where you sleep inside a tent for three days with no hope for a shower. Take it slow, I reminded myself, I don’t think I’m ready for Fuji Rock just yet. And that was when I found Summer Sonic line up for 2016 (I MEAN HELLO RADIOHEAD, WEEZER, THE OFFSPRING, AND BABYMETAL!).

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Kindness: The Road We’re So Ready To Take On

We often discount ‘kindness’ as something weak, silly, naive, or unimportant.

Something for children and airheaded adults. Sweet marshmallow fluff for holiday cards. Certainly not a mark of intelligence.

I don’t agree. Well, we don’t.


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