Alfred Tea Room – Aoyama, Tokyo

Tucked away on a small street off of Aoyama in between Omotesando Station and Shibuya lies a petite-sized tea room that’s undeniably fashionable. Omotesando, a times square for chic fashion and branded stores, is one of the home of Alfred Tea Room. Recently they opened in two area: Aoyama & Shinjuku, and I happened to be at their Aoyama site after a long day of cafe-hopping day trip.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

During the last day of my Japan trip, I stumbled upon this place. Which no doubt was one of the places that got me swooning from the moment I entered until I left. One of few places in the world that integrate so beautifully and harmoniously with nature, feeds a longing soul of this floral worshiper (pointing at my self).

Media heavy, this post contains many photos. You’ve been warned.

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