Highly Adaptable Chameleon

Bunga is highly-adaptable. Satu fitur kuat tentang dirinya yang saya sangat hargai adalah, “being a chameleon”. Fitur ini, menurut saya, yang membuat ia bisa “bersinar” sebagai strategist/planner. She works hard for it. She earned it. She feels the brand. She feels the client. Itu yang membuat semua strategi yang ia bikin bisa terasa customized. Begitu Bunga bergabung bersama RACK digital, saya tau bahwa tim kami menjadi semakin kuat dan solid. Adalah sebuah pembelajaran berharga buat saya, untuk sempat kerja bareng dengan Bunga.

@IrwinArdy, Musician/Storyteller, Ex-colleague


A really good Friend for every needs

She’s more than just excellent in writing. She also has a smart approach of problem solving, and the ability to overview things from a unique point of view. Oh, and her self-control is kinda great, for whoever worked with BTKFidea & DenganSenangHati must be some of those very patient people in the planet.

@DausGonia, Game Developer, Brainstorm Partner at Happiness Artisan

A Professional Mind Reader

As a person who has the earth element in snake zodiac, Bunga is very down to earth. Down to earth here can be defined into several meanings. Far from snob, easily touched, and still stand on the ground even though she has a lot of things that she can be proud of. In professional relationship, you can count on her in writing, designing, and also providing creative ideas. Fast learner and a little phlegmatic, Bunga is a friend whom I can talk to about any topic without feeling awkward. Plus point for her who never fails interpreting my “Bung, please dianuh” line. I guess she’s a professional mind reader in her previous life.

@TitiwAkmar, Blogger, Ex-colleagues